GIN WESTCOTT is the author of the Unique 

Historical Time-Travel Adventure


A time-travel novel like nothing you've read before

When four college kids are buried alive and there’s only one way out, don’t ask questions. Just survive. 

After barely escaping a torturous series of undiscovered tunnels far beneath the Sierra foothills, Mae and her friends emerge, dehydrated and nearly dead from starvation.

But everything Mae knows and loves is now gone. 

Through some bizarre tangle in time, they’ve been reeled back into the past. To a time that, according to Mae—“is constipated with antiquated gender inequality.” 

With danger lurking behind every tree and no easy way home, they must begin adapting to their new surroundings before it’s too late. So, when struck with an unexpected opportunity, Mae is faced with the difficult choice of returning to her own time or living out the greatest adventure of her life and carving her own path in history.

Gin Westcott’s debut novel is the first in the unique Tangle of Time series that will take you through an exciting, historical, and romantic adventure that you won’t be able to put down.

Tangle of Time a unique historical time travel adventure for sale on

Tangle of Time a unique historical time travel adventure for sale on

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The first chapter draws in you and makes it almost impossible to put the book down. Readers find by the end of the first two paragraphs that they must know the answers to several questions. Who is she? Why is she is the water and most importantly, what happens next? Thankfully, the second part of the chapter picks up six days earlier.

Tangle of Time by Gin Westcott starts off as a thrilling mystery but this book is more than that. It is also science fiction and fantasy rolled into one. It's not often that a story successfully encompasses several genres but that is what Westcott has done with the novel a Tangle of Time. It's a story that has something for everyone.

Even though the book starts off at a breath-taking pace, it does slow down for several chapters. Readers that love knowing character backstories will appreciate how well Westcott's are developed. After reading about the group's family life and their connection to each other, it's easy to envision yourself in the story.

The writing is descriptive and provokes visual images of the characters and the surroundings. It also accurately depicts the diverse makeup of friends most college students have. In a way, this makes it a modern fantasy story that will have readers of all ages imagining the possibilities if the event's in the book happened to them.

Gin Westcott doesn't make light of the responsibility the characters face. Mae sums it up perfectly when she takes a minute to think about the enormity of their plan. "They were playing God with history and had barely started to make the changes they intended. This power the three of them held was enormous, and the task before them was utterly terrifying."

A Tangle of Time is ultimately a book about friendship. It follows the adventures of Mae, Greg, Toke, and Dexter. Some have been friends for years, while others are just meeting the rest of the group. It doesn't take long for the four to become a tight group. Westcott also made sure to include the fights and struggles that always come when a group of friends are tested. It adds even more realism to the characters, which is not always easy in a time traveling fantasy book.

By the last paragraph the questions you had at the beginning will be answered. This doesn't mean that readers can take a deep breath and relax. There is still a friend to rescue and they need to catch up to him through time. Readers will be left breathlessly awaiting the sequel to a Tangle in Time. This debut book will leave you hooked.   

- Entrada Book Review

about the author

GIN WESTCOTT is the author of the Historical Adventure/Time-Travel fiction TANGLE OF TIME and is currently writing book two of the series. She comes from a creative world and spent years working in big Los Angeles advertising agencies as an award-winning art director and currently is a designer. Gin has an unlimited imagination bursting with ideas and found writing novels the perfect outlet. She is passionate about human rights, animal cruelty, gender equality, and injustice and finds these core values working their way into her fresh storylines. Having a dry, quirky sense of humor, she spawns unique, compelling characters that weave their way through exciting, yet often unsettling, situations. Gin is the mother of two great kids, two little dogs, and wife of the amazing Scott. When not writing or designing, she's either hiking in the lush mountains of Northern California or voice-acting for toys, commercials and video games.


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